Why should we be missional
January 21, 2018

Why should we be missional

Passage: John 4:27-42

On a mission!
On Sunday Tony shared on ‘Why we should be Missional’ as a church and as individuals. We are shortly embarking on a season of outreach and we need to overcome our apathy by considering the Bible’s motivating principles that should launch us into pro-active witnessing. He made the point that we are not all evangelists, but we can all play a part on the church team to win people to Christ. These were the points: 1. 1. Saving people is the Father’s passion. 2. Saving people is the Son’s desire. 3. The alternatives are not good! (hell). 4. Our window of opportunity is closing. 5. The recent outpouring of the Holy Spirit. 6. The small-group and discipleship movements. 7. The amazing advance of the gospel in other nations. 8. Because someone witnessed to you!

Let’s do our utmost to be missionally minded this week. Be a nice person. Be kind. Be affirming and encouraging. Make yourself available to those who need a friend. Do good works wherever you go. Do random acts of kindness. Ask God to show you who you should pray for or who you should invite to our Guest Service on the 18th February. Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit who may open up an opportunity to share your testimony or the 4 Spiritual Laws. Let’s be missional! Let’s make Jesus’ first command our first priority!

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