Learning how to Pray: Lessons from Solomon
May 15, 2016

Learning how to Pray: Lessons from Solomon

Passage: 2 Chronicles 6:12-19

Bible Text: 2 Chronicles 6:12-19 | Preacher: Matt Small | Series: Lessons from Solomon

The Prayer of Solomon!

The Prayer of Solomon!

Many of us may be familiar with images from the past which depict small children kneeling by their bed and praying with hands firmly clasped together.
On Sunday morning one of the things we considered was how Solomon prayed and even though he was the mightiest king in the land he bowed the knee before the King of kings. In humility he approached God and as he spread out his hands towards the heavens he declared his dependence upon Him as well.
We learned that when we approach God it’s always right and fitting to approach him with praise for who He is, that there is no other God like Him. As we come to Him via the gate of praise it also helps give us the right perspective on our situation and what God can do in our situation.
When you spend time in prayer this week make sure that you come to Him declaring praise, lifting Him up, focusing on His power and His promises. Try to take your eyes off your needs, your situation, your accomplishments just for a moment and instead bow your knee in your heart and spread out your hands to Him in utter dependence.
Enter his gates with thanksgiving; go into his courts with praise – Psalm 100

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